I offer a variety of customized fitness and personal training programs in both one-on-one and group settings. For professional and college athletes, I specialize in training golfers, tennis players, basketball players and football players in athletic performance and conditioning. For those of average fitness levels, those who want to get in shape and even those who with high weight loss goals, every part of your journey is unique to you and will be tailored to both your needs and your limitless potential.



I was first discovered as a fitness model after I began posting workout and professional fitness photos of myself on social media as a way to inspire others to reach for their goals. Since then I have worked `primarily in print campaigns and as a product spokesman.



For gym owners, personal trainers and anyone who wants a career in the fitness industry, mentorship is not just just a luxury, but a necessary key to take you and your organization to the next level. Through my experience managing gyms and building up a personal clientele from the ground up, I have gained specialized strategies to help you, your employees and clients succeed.



I am available to speak to churches, corporations, sports teams and civic groups about the power of determination to change your circumstances - inside and out. From my hard beginnings on the streets of West Palm Beach, Florida to my view from a national stage, my personal journey is not only a testament to the power of God, but also an incredible story full of life lessons and inspiration for those from all walks of life.