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I’m 60 years old. I’ve been training with Kevin for 9 months now.  Prior to that I had never done strength training.  I had focused on cardio with running and cycling being my only exercise routines for 25 years, adding yoga in the last 7 years.  


Since I had no upper body strength I was anxious about lifting weights, but knew I needed to start and make a change.  Kevin has been phenomenal at designing workouts that build confidence while also challenging me.  He has coached me through routines that I didn’t think I could complete, but I do…every time!


I can see muscle now, and I am encouraged by the amount of strength I’ve gained in such a short time.  I’m at the beginning of my journey, but thrilled with the results I already see and feel.  Thank you Kevin!

- Dawn Greener

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I have been working with Kevin for the past two years, in person and then remotely through 2020 and part of 2021, and now again in person.  My goals when I started to work with Kevin were to improve my strength, mainly in my upper body, whilst maintaining my endurance. I am 70 years old and for the past 20 years I have focused my fitness on cycling, cycling on average 100 miles a week. I work out with Kevin three times a week. The work outs are always challenging, full-body work outs, focussed on improving my strength and balance. 


Over the past two years I have seen a tremendous improvement in my upper body strength without any loss in my endurance. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable, always watching to make sure I have good posture and technique to avoid injury.  I would highly recommend Kevin, regardless of your age, gender or fitness level.

- Tim Greener


I've been training with KevFit for nine months and trust Me it's the best investment I ever made.


I've always been working out alone for years, but I needed a push. I saw my friend Shelly post her progress photo's and I said to myself "I need that trainer in my life". I called Kev and he was very receptive and patient with Me and the goals that I was trying to accomplish. I can be a big baby at times, Kev knows just let me be while motivating Me to keep going. I love seeing my results to the point | want more. Kev knows what he's doing and I'm looking forward to continue training with him into the new year #over40fitness #dontcomplaintrain

- Dara Watkis

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I am 63, retired, and -- after decades at a desk --  have a goal of improving my overall fitness significantly in my 60s.  I started working out three times per week with Kevin two years ago and the results have been great.  I am noticeably stronger, have improved balance and stability, and dropped 2 points on my BMI.  Kevin always mixes up the workouts, so they're never boring or repetitive.  He challenges me but also accommodates some chronic pain issues I have from past sports injuries.  Kevin is an essential partner in my overall wellness program.  We've been training for two years.

- Tony

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